From Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting, pp. 126-129

Daggermark is the largest city of note in the River Kingdoms. With its population of over 27,000, it is almost three times as large as the next city of note, Mivon. While there is no capital to the River Kingdoms, if any city can claim the mantle of being the center of power it is Daggermark.

The town is host to the Outlaw Council, which meets once a year to discuss how to preserve the people’s freedom from outside interference. It is also home to a highly effective assassins guild and a well regarded poisoners guild, rendering it relatively immune to attempts to conquor it.

The city has both an inner and outer wall, with the inner section home to the wealthiest and most powerful people in the city. The inner section is refered to as Dagger Keep.

Persons of Interest:

Martro Livondar Human(?) Ruler of Daggermark
Lord Captain Jallor Clovesh Dwarf Commander of half of Daggermark’s men at arms
Lady Smilos Human(?) Head of the assassin’s guild
Tragshi Elf Druid and Herbalist Head of the poisoner’s guild


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