Population 6,700
Type humanoid and monstrous (merfolk 34%, sahuagin 36%, human 20%, elf 5%, other 5%)

Various Councilor Generals (male or female ceratioidi, merfolk, nagas, sahuagin, sea hags, skum, tritons);
Danglosa, localized deity (male-female fish-godling)

Outsea comprises a town, farmlands, rivers and canals, pools, and swampland in the River Kingdoms—all saturated with seawater. Where the freshwater and salt meet, Outsea’s edges are maintained by walls and a complicated combination of magic and beautifully engineered water gates, locks, and sluices that keep the distinct waters from bleeding into each other—though there’s always a bit of brackish overspill into the wider rivers. A regulated amount of freshwater is allowed into the settlement through salination devices—powered by alchemy, magic, and the sulky efforts of bound salt mephitis—where it is turned to seawater to replenish Outsea.p.

The sprawling, walled town of Outsea contains streets and many more canals, with buildings above and (mostly) below its waterline. It is on the site of a preexisting human settlement, and while much construction has occurred since its founding, some ancient human buildings remain, and are even in use, both above water and submerged.p.

Below, most buildings and burrows are built from coral or oceanic materials, barnacle-crusted and seaweedy where landlords are lazy. There are sea-farms, sea-orchards, stretches of coral reef, and wilder places where young Outsears misbehave. Ocean animals are abundant: octopi are pests in the trash-heaps, schools of fish dart about in the kelp-canopies, and so on.


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