Population 8,790
Type humanoid (human 90%, halfling 4%, elf 3%, other 3%)

Castruccio Irovetti, lord of the city (male human);
Irsei Caelysse, captain of the guard (male elf ranger),
Kharne Vereel, guildmaster of the thieves’ guild (male gnome),
Joravin Pyathe, shipmaster of the yard (male dwarf),
Atalia Gitaren, headmistress of the Academy of Grand Arts (female half-elf bard),
Xapiri Yasmina, owner of the Serpent’s Breath Trade House (female human).

Long a haven for thieves and smugglers, Pitax is a hub for trade in the River Kingdoms. It aspires to be a center of culture and higher learning as well, but cannot escape its more unsavory origins. Threats and plots from other lands—as well as from within the borders of Pitax itself—have the potential to tear the small kingdom apart. Greedy adventurers eye the rich land on its northern frontier and picture themselves as rulers of their own kingdoms, collecting taxes that this kingdom so desperately needs for itself. Only the actions of Pitax’s shrewd leader, Lord Irovetti, have managed to stave off this downward spiral to ruin—at least, for the moment.p.

Pitax’s origins lie with brigands from their neighbor to the north, Brevoy, who sought sanctuary amid the forests of the River Kingdoms. The most famed of these brigands, a rogue with sorcerous powers born with the name Cesare Cattanei but better known as the Silver Fox, took to hiding his band of vicious thieves in a riverside hamlet known as Pitax. As they visited there year after year, the ill-gotten gold of the Silver Fox slowly transformed Pitax into something considerably larger than a simple, sleepy fishing village. Eventually, when the Silver Fox and his followers grew tired of their larcenous ways—and when the prices on their heads in Brevoy became too great—they settled in Pitax permanently, building walls around the village and hiring sellswords to help defend against their enemies. With this, Pitax became a permanent fixture of the River Kingdoms, able to survive and thrive for nearly 4 centuries while others around it withered and decayed.


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