Population 4,340
Type humanoid (human 88%, fey 5%, gnome 4%, halfling 2%, other 1%)

Esmet Silkenlock, mayor (female human);
Dethenesthen Carcusian, Captain of the Underbrush (male human ranger);
Leoti, Voice of the Wind (female human druid).

Just stepping into civilized Sevenarches eases the mind. The land is fairer, the grass softer, the weather milder, and the sky a brighter blue than only a few yards outside the territory. Sevenarches is possibly the largest River Kingdom in land area, although Gralton and Pitax have decent competing claims to this title. It also has a shocking stability compared to other River Kingdoms, thanks to its sizeable standing army and the hyper-vigilant oversight of the ruling druid sect known as the Oakstewards. Once an elven settlement, and continuously occupied for thousands of years, the territory is now primarily home to fey and the humans who have learned how to live with them.

Settlements are small, rough, and fortified. Rather than the loose spreading of a village every few miles that characterizes other civilized settlements in the Inner Sea region, small towns tend to clump together every dozen miles or so, with lightly patrolled farmland in between.

Dirt roads with stone mile-markers are the most advanced thoroughfares in the kingdom. Very few roads exist, with those that do primarily running from the city of Sevenarches out to the towns and farms along the rivers. Wild animals, including dire animals, roam freely across most of the realm. Travelers are warned to stay in groups, and hire protection if going very far. The branches and tributaries of the Sellen are the main mode of transit, and most villages and farms are located within a few miles of a riverbank. Civilized Sevenarches strings along the north and east borders of the realm, leaving the interior wild—about 70% of the land is uncultivated, left to the fey and wild creatures.


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