Six River Freedoms

From Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting, pp. 126-129

The River Kingdoms share a rough code of justice and freedoms called the Six River Freedoms. Not all honor the code, but enough do that it serves as a short of shorthand for the independence that all people of the River Kingdoms hold dear.

Say what you will, I live Free:

Talk is cheap, and everyone is entitiled to speak their own words. You can say anything, but sometimes the best freedom is the freedom to run like hell.

Oathbreakers Die:

Liars are often severely punihed. Those who swear an oath of realty to a River Lord and break it can expect any number of painful and lethal possibilities.

Walk on any road, float on any river:

The freedom to travel is fundamental. No River Kingdom is allowed to bar traffic on a river or a road, save in time of active warfare. Even then, neutral parties are supposed to havfe freedom of movement.

Courts are for kings:

Who you know and who your friends are are more important than what the law says.

Slavery is an abomination:

While the River Kingdoms frequently house criminals, none keep slaves. Slavers may visit freely, but taking or holding slaves in the River Kingdoms upsets those many people who were once slaves themselves.

You have what you hold:

Property lawas are weak in the River Kingdoms. If someone claims to own something, he can enforce that claim with his sword.

Six River Freedoms

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