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I’ve added a one paragraph campaign teaser to the Adventure Log. Check it out if you want to know what the basic plot of the campaign is.

The Player’s Guide to the Kingmaker AP is currently available in PDF. I’ll be sending it out to the players this weekend. All the material in it is fair game for the campaign. If you can’t wait for me to get off my @ss and do it, you can get it from here.

I have obtained the Guide to the River Kingdoms. It is interesting source material, but do not feel compelled to purchase it. In my initial scan I saw nothing that would detract from your enjoyment of the campaign either.

There’s a new Pathfinder campaign starting up soon in north Dallas. There are three players already, and the party is looking for 2-3 more. There are currently 5 players in the group. If you’re interested drop NickVCover a note through Pen and Paper Games and tell me about how you play and what you like in a game.

Paizo has yet to publish the first installment of the adventure path, so no start until a few weeks after it comes out. New player’s characters will start at level 1, be built on the 20-point abilities scale, and start with two traits. Source books will be the Player’s Guide and Guide to the River Kingdoms. Anything else will require DM approval, but if it works with your character background generally I’m all for it.

This game is planned to initially meet at a new game store, The Gamers Realm, that has a nice RPG room. It’s clean, it’s got a good table and nice chairs, and a door to close in case the tabletop mini players start hooting and hollering too loudly. Once things get rolling we can always move the action to peoples’ houses if the store doesn’t work out. The players currently reside in Flower Mound, Carrollton, and Plano, with the DM in Dallas south of LBJ. (How you pick a single pushpin on a map that indicates that geographical spread I don’t know, so I picked a more-or-less centerpoint). We are looking to meet more or less every two weeks.

Home Page

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